Adopt Me Cozy Cabin Update Release Time, 4 pm BST to Local Time, Patch Notes

Adopt Me is gearing up for yet another update, and it will be the first update to release this year in the game.

The last year has been quite a ride for Roblox players, with a plethora of new features arriving in the game. Adopt Me is one such game that has been quite popular for a long time, and a new update is about to come pretty soon.

Adopt Me Cozy Cabin Update Release Time, 4pm BST to Local Time

If you have been playing Adopt Me for a while, you must know that the developers release the update on Thursdays. Moreover, the timings remain the same as well, and it releases at 4 pm BST. If you are wondering what time it releases in your region, you can find the details below.

Adopt Me Cozy Cabin Update Patch Notes

The Cozy Cabin Update includes a house and vehicle gamepass bundle. Players can get a Cozy Cabin for 849 Robux and players will be getting a super speedy snowmobile. The Cozy Cabin has an indoor ice rink for players as well.

Players can also purchase a Zamboni for 2500 Robux from the area next to the Sky Boat. Some items are also being removed from the shop, such as DJ Gamepass, Discosplosion, Glider, Heart Hoverboard, The Ice Cream Truck along with three premium pets, the Horse, Griffin, and Robo Dog.

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