Arcane Fan Wreaks Havoc As Jinx in Mindblowing Cosplay


“Rules are made to be broken… like buildings! Or people!” – Jinx, League of Legends.

Riot’s Arcane is the must watch show to get to grips with on Netflix right now. Everyone and their granny are getting stuck into the incredible animation that tells the story of the balance between the rich city of Piltover and the seedy underbelly of Zaun as tensions boil over.

Packed full of meaningful characters like Vi, Powder, Vander and Caitlyn, it sure is a hard choice to make in who to pick as a cosplayer.

Thankfully, Eryn slips into the shoes of Jinx with remarkable ease as she takes on the chaotic League of Legends and Arcane character while bringing her into the real world.

Eryn, also known as Ithileryn on Twitter and Instagram, is a cosplayer and professional costume maker from Denton Texas, USA. If you take a look through her many pictures on her socials, you’ll see that this isn’t Eryn’s first rodeo.

Taking on the persona of characters that include Velma from Scooby-Doo, Wednesday from The Addams Family and Tifa from Final Fantasy, she sure is a pro at nailing down the most iconic of cosplays.

This time, Eryn slips inside the soul of Jinx who is originally a character from League of Legends but lately has been familiarizing herself on Netflix’s, Arcane. Known for her manic and impulsive ways, Jinx loves to wreak havoc without caring for the consequences as well as bringing her own chaotic brand of pandemonium wherever she goes.

Sporting Jinx’s bright blue hair and her fantastic “out there” sense of style, Eryn nails this Arcane cosplay in more ways than one.

Make sure you check out all of Eryn’s cosplays over on Instagram. As for the show, you can catch all nine episodes of Arcane on Netflix right now.

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