Best Ways To Earn Gingerbread Fast in Adopt Me Winter Update 2021

Adopt Me has received an all-new update today which is making some interesting changes to the game.

With the release of the Winter Update, we have witnessed several changes making their way into the game, including the likes of new pets, min-games, events, and much more. This is not the first time the game has received the Winter Update, and we have witnessed it in the previous years as well.

As usual, the currency for this event is gingerbread, and you need to collect quite a few of them to get the various items. Here are the best ways to get it.

Best Ways To Earn Gingerbread Fast in Adopt Me Winter Update 2021

#1 – Elf Burn Mini-Game

The first mini-game that has been added is quite straightforward and you can access it by going and interacting with Elf-Burn. You will see a few presents, and these will keep getting swapped. The good thing is that you can simply remember which one has Gingerbread, and then choose it accordingly. You can play this every 20 minutes and earn a lot of gingerbreads.

#2 – Pet Rescue Mini-Game

In this minigame you can be a part of a mammoth or sabertooth team, and you need to save your team’s pets by breaking the ice cubes.

#3 – Ice Skating Mini-Game

Speak to Speedy the Penguin and you can start this mini-game. You can collect tons of Gingerbread along the way, and then finish the track to get the rewards. You also get a bonus the first time you complete the game.

#4- Advent Calender

The doors of the advent calendar contain a number of rewards, including Gingerbread. Make sure you open one every day.

#5- Using Robux

If you don’t intend to do the hard work, you can also simply buy Gingerbread using Robux in the game.

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