Can Bergmite Be Shiny In Pokemon GO Holiday 2021 Event

Part 2 of the Pokemon GO Holiday Event is now upon us and with it comes the debut of the Ice type Bergmite and its evolution Avalugg, which has people wondering can they be shiny?

Bergmite and its evolution Avalugg are the Ice Chunk and Iceberg Pokemon respectively that were introduced during the sixth generation of games.

Both are strictly Ice type Pokemon, which make them a perfect fit for being introduced during the ongoing Holiday Event.

How To Get Bergmite

With the start of Part 2 of the Pokemon GO Holiday Event on Thursday, December 23, at 10:00 am local time, Bergmite will be available in the game as a rare spawn. This puts it in the same category as more rare spawns like Alolan Vulpix and Cryogonal compared to the very common spawns during the event like Holiday Delibird and Snorunt.

In addition, Bergmite will be added to the 7km Egg pool for new Eggs obtained after the start of Part 2 of the event. Make sure to check the possible Pokemon you can get from the Egg in-game to make sure you’re putting the right one in your incubator.

While the spawns will go away or drop dramatically after the event for Bergmite, you can still hatch any of the 7km eggs that you obtained during the event, so make sure to rack up on collecting those for that reason.

Can Bergmite Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO’s Holiday Event 2021 features its fair share of Pokemon that are available in shiny form, including even the special Holiday variations of Pokemon like Spheal and Glaceon.

With Bergmite and Avalugg first being added to Pokemon GO for the first time, they are sadly only coming with their regular forms for the time being.

This is pretty common with new Pokemon additions in Pokemon GO, as the shiny variations usually come at a later time with some sort of other event. Since they are just being added now, it’s more than likely we won’t see a shiny form for the two until next year at least.

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