Pokemon GO Best Eevee Evolutions

Eevee is one of the most beloved Pokemon in the whole series and has some of the best evolutions across the games.

Within Pokemon GO players regularly question which of Eevee’s evolutions, or Eeveelutions, are the best for PVP combat.

Here, with the help of PVPoke, we’ve figured out which of these Eeveelutions you want to be focusing on and which you want to avoid, with a focus on the new moves from Pokemon GO’s latest Community Day.

Check out our rankings below.

Eevee Evolution New Moves for 2021

As part of Community Day in August 2021, all of Eevee’s eight evolutions will be receiving a new special move.

You can check out these meta-changing moves below:

Now for the rankings!

8. Espeon

Perhaps rather surprisingly, Espeon comes in at rock bottom.

Although the Psychic-type evolution definitely has some use in the PVE meta, in PVP it’s pretty useless, even with its new Community Day move.

It has the worst average performance across all three leagues by a significant margin.

If you’ve got a high IV Eevee you’re looking to use in PVP, I’d steer away from Espeon.

7. Flareon

One of the original three Eeveelutions, Flareon doesn’t fare too well in the PVP meta and certainly has less of a place in the PVE one than Espeon.

However, as these are the PVP rankings, Flareon pips its Psychic relative thanks to its new move.

That said, you’re still best to avoid.

6. Jolteon

Following its Gen 1 counterpart Flareon, Jolteon comes in at a disappointing sixth place, failing to make a splash in any of the PVP leagues.

While it does fare better than the previous two, it still puts in a lacklustre performance and its new move doesn’t even come into play.

Another one that’s not really worth bothering about, skip.

5. Glaceon

Glaceon is the major casualty of the new Community Day moves, dropping a place vs where we last ranked it.

The Ice-evolution performs badly in the Great League and slightly better in the Ultra League, however, it does have viability in the Master League.

Thanks to the abundance of Dragon-types and their weakness to Ice, Glaceon comes in at a respectable 48th place in the most hard-hitting PVP league.

4. Leafeon

Replacing Glaceon in 4th place is Leafeon.

It’s new move certainly helps it out and brings its average performance into a better place, however, it still doesn’t really do a lot in PVP thanks to its awkward type.

3. Vaporeon

Vaporeon is a mainstay in third place on this list.

While it’s probably not really useable in any of the divisions and doesn’t even really benefit from its new move, it still receives relatively respectable rankings.

2. Umbreon

There’s not a lot separating the top two, however, Umbreon just falls a little short when compared to the winner.

Its new move boosts it to major heights in both the Great and Ultra Leagues and is super viable here, however, its biggest downfall is in the Master League where it actually performs worse than all Eeveelutions, other than Espeon.

1. Sylveon

Sylveon was only introduced to Pokemon GO in May but has instantly topped the best Eevee evolutions chart.

While it is outperformed by Umbreon in both the Great and Ultra Leagues, Sylveon shines in the Master League.

Much like Glaceon, Sylveon’s Fairy typing helps it decimate the Dragon-types and it takes full advantage of its Community Day move.

And there we have it, the best Eevee evolutions in Pokemon GO as of the August 2021 Community Day. It will be interesting to see if Niantic shakes the meta up with these Pokemon anymore.

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