Evil God Korone Horror Game Explained, Hololive Halloween Stream

Hololive VTuber Inugami Korone is getting her own horror game, Evil God Korone, through a collab with Tsugunohi, here’s what you need to know.

Hololive is the biggest VTuber agency out there, home of worldwide popular talent like shark girl Gawr Gura, and dog god girl Inugami Korone. Now, Korone is getting her own game through a collab with Tsugunohi, a popular indie game regularly featured in Let’s Plays.

Horror game Tsugunohi explained

Tsugunohi was developed by ImCyan and first released in 2012 on Freem! a Japanese website for free indie games. Since then, it became a staple of Let’s Plays among Japanese streamers, reaching over 54 million views worldwide.

Tsugunohi is officially described as a game where “everyday life erodes into horror”. It’s a pretty simple game. The only thing you technically do is move your character toward the left side of the screen.

A remake version of Tsugunohi, with new episodes, and an English translation, was released on Steam on August 2021. It’s very common for games on Freem to reach cult status and later receive remade, paid versions on Steam. Civilization simulator The Hundred Year Kingdom, coming to Steam soon, is another example.

Evil God Korone platforms, release date, trailer, price, special stream

Inugami Korone, the dog girl part of the Japanese side of Hololive, is one of the most popular VTubers out there. With over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube, you’ve definitely already spotted her in memes and short clips. Now, she’s getting her own game right after Halloween.

Evil God Korone is a special collab between ImCyan and Hololive. In the game, Korone became an evil goddess who took over Tsugunohi, because she streamed too many horror games herself.

Evil God Korone is launching on November 8, 2021, exclusively on PC via Steam, for around $5. Moreover, Korone will do a special premiere live stream of the game on October 31 for Halloween.

Tsugunohi also already did a collab with Kizuna Ai a few weeks ago. Hololive is also used to horror content. The Haachama Vs Akai Haato arc is a good example. The upcoming game Hololive Error as well.

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