FFXIV Digital Sale Resumes This Month Before Server Expansion in July

Square Enix will resume the FFXIV digital sale in almost 10 days from now as some big improvements will be delivered to the game’s servers and data centers.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker experienced an unexpectedly big launch across the globe, with so many players purchasing the new expansion and requesting to join a world or a server.

With such a surprising reception from fans, it didn’t take long for the game’s servers to fulfill and deny any new logins, which at some point caused the players who were already in the game to force out of the in-game world.

Although the temporary fixes on the servers decreased the number of failed connections, it wasn’t still enough until Square Enix decided to stop the digital sales of the game and the new expansion to avoid new players joining the game until they improve data centers.

FFXIV Will Be Available in Digital Markets for Sale in Over a Week

According to Naoki Yoshida, the digital sales of Final Fantasy XIV will be resumed from January 25.

Moreover, the producer behind Final Fantasy XIV revealed that the game will receive 5 new worlds in the Oceania region on the same day in order to provide the players of this region a smooth experience without high ping rate and latency.

On January 26, Square Enix will activate the Home World Transfer Service for all players across the world, allowing them to change their Home World freely.

Later in the year, Square Enix plans to expand the data centers in Japan, Europe, and North America. European and Japanese players could expect the first phase of this expansion to arrive in July 2022, while North American players have to wait until August this year.

The second phase of server expansion for EU and NA regions will be happening in Summer 2023.

Last but not least, Yoshida promised to deliver the Data Center Travel System with Patch 6.1, which will allow players to visit other worlds from other data centers within the same region.

Final Fantasy XIV is now available on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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