Fire Emblem Byleth Figure Preorder Price & Details Revealed

Popular tactical RPG Fire Emblem Three Houses is getting more merch in japan with a new Good Smile Company figure for the female version of the game’s protagonist Byleth revealed, preorder opens this week.

It’s been two years since Fire Emblem Three Houses was released so we’ll hopefully see a new announcement from Nintendo and Intelligent Systems soon.

I’m personally still hoping to see a remake of Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War. Mixing gameplay elements from the original and some of the additions to the series made with Three Houses. As a long-time fan of the series I definitely liked the narrative changes Three Houses brought. Adding a lot more dialogues and character development than in past games. And finally moving away from all the archetypes in place for decades.

Anyways, as we wait for a new Fire Emblem announcement, Nintendo just revealed a gorgeous figure for female Byleth in her default original costume. The characters of Fire Emblem Three Houses were designed by Chinatsu Kurahana, of Uta no Prince Sama fame, and the Byleth figure reproduces her style perfectly.

Byleth is seen wielding the Sword of the Creator, her unique weapon in-game. The weapon can be in its base form or in its whip-sword state. Allowing you to create dynamic and cool poses. Check out the Byleth figure with the photos in the gallery below.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Female Byleth figure pre-order date & price

The preorders for the Byleth figure opened on January 14 JST, for 25,000 Yen tax included (around $220) and the figure will ship in February 2023. A trailer was published as well.

Here are the figure’s specs:

I’m sure you already have your own preferred figure shops if you clicked on this article in the first place. If not, you should keep an eye on online shops with international shipping such as AmiAmi.

If you look up the figure on Japanese sites, keep in mind that in Japanese, the female version of the protagonist isn’t called Byleth but Byless / ベレス.

Intelligent Systems previously announced a figure for Marth, coming out July 2022. Fire Emblem Three Houses is available on Nintendo Switch, be sure to check out our review if you’ve never tried out the game yet.

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