Genshin Impact Fans Angry Over Shenhe's Hair, Criticize Character Models Nerf


Genshin Impact has received an all-new update today, which makes some significant changes to the game.

The new update marked the debut of a new region, along with new characters, items, and much more. We also had a few interesting characters getting banner reruns, such as the likes of Albedo and Eula. As fans are trying out the new update, many are wondering what future updates will comprise.

Earlier, players had to solely rely on the leaks to know more about the upcoming characters. However, now miHoYo announces the characters for the next update right when the previous one goes live. This gives a good idea about what to expect from the update.

Genshin Impact Fans Angry Over Shenhe’s Hair, Criticize Character Models Nerf

Recently, miHoYo announced that Shenhe and Yunjin are the two new characters that will be arriving in the next update. This wasn’t a surprise, as we had already got to know about the same via the various leaks. However, what didn’t go down well with the fans is the model of the character.

A number of times in the past, we have got to see the character models before they were released. The same was true for Shenhe as well, and we got to see the character models before miHoYo made the announcement. That being said, there were a few tweaks in the final model which fans didn’t like.

The final model of Shenhe features her having braided hair, as compared to the original in which her hair was open. A large number of fans preferred the former, and that has led to widespread criticism of the same. Many are even saying that miHoYo does this on a regular basis, and is something that needs to be addressed. Whether miHoYo ends up changing this remains to be seen.

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