Genshin Impact Shenhe & Yun Jin Kit Details Leaked

The Private Beta Test for Genshin Impact 2.4 has started as of November 24, meaning the first kit details for Shenhe and Yun Jin have leaked.

Shenhe and Yun Jin are the two new characters to be released in Genshin Impact Version 2.4. In around a month and a half from now on. They’re both highly anticipated characters seeing they were part of the first batch of data mined characters over a year ago. That was during the first Beta Tests, before the official release of Genshin Impact on September 28, 2020.

Now we have the first crumbs of details for Shenhe, who seems to be a DPS Cryo character, and Yun Jin, who’s a new Shield character.

As always, all credit goes to the leakers of the WFP Discord you’re familiar with. And keep in mind everything is subject to change.

Genshin Impact 2.4 – Yun Jin first Kit details, Elemental Skill & Burst

Yun Jin has a Press and a Hold version for her Elemental Skill / E. Pressing E has Yun Jin spinning her Polearm and dealing Geo DMG. When holding E, Yun Jin forms a shield scaling with her Max HP, with 150% absorption rate toward all DMG, Physical and Elemental.

Overall it seems pretty similar to Zhongli’s Jade Shield, which also has 150% absorption against any type of DMG. However, it’s likely Yun Jin’s Shield, as a 4-star character, will last for a shorter amount of time.

Yun Jin’s Elemental Burst deals AoE Geo DMG, and applies the effect “Feiyun Flag” to nearby party members. It increases the Normal Attack DMG dealt to enemies, and it scales with a percentage of Yun Jun’s current DEF stat.

There are no details leaked for Yun Jin’s Constellations yet, but we should get them soon. Constellations are pretty important for 4-star characters seeing non-whale players are much more likely to actually get them. Meanwhile, having C1 or more for a 5-star character is a pipe dream anyway so their constellation details aren’t as important.

Shenhe Kit details – Elemental Skill, Burst leaks so far

Here are the first details for Shenhe’s Kit. Her Elemental Skill is called Yangling Summoning Spell and has a Press and Hold version. The leaked description is incomplete, but it looks like when pressing E, Shenhe will summon a Sealed Spirit, the talisman thingies seen on her leaked splash art. E Press will also have Shenhe lunging forward and dealing Cryo DMG.

Holding E will command the Sealed Spirit to attack with AoE Cryo DMG. Shenhe also has a Passive Talent, Glacial Wings: when any of her attacks or skills deal Cryo DMG, the DMG will increase based on Shenhe’s ATK at the time.

Shenhe’s Elemental Burst will deal AoE cryo DMG and consume the “Sealed Spirit” to create a special field that deals continuous Cryo DMG and decreases Cryo & Physical resistance.

Shenhe’s Constellations crumbs

As for Constellations, it looks like Shenhe’s C1 will allow her to have two Sealed Spirits at the same time. Meanwhile, her C4 adds another effect to Glacial Wings. Whenever it triggers, Shenhe will get one “Order of Frost” stack. When Shenhe uses her Elemental Skill Yangling Summoning Spell again, the stacks will be consumed and Yangling Summoning Spell will gain 5% of DMG per stack. This effect can stack up to 50 times and lasts for 60 seconds.

Glacial Wings can only trigger for a certain amount of times, and has a duration limit too. However, with Shenhe’s C6, that count will not be reduced when Glacial Wings is triggered by Normal or Charged Attacks. So you’ll be able to trigger Glacial Wing infinitely during its duration..

Passive After Shenhe releases [Yangling Summoning Spell], nearby party members gain the following effects: press: elemental skill and burst DMG increased by 15% for 10 seconds; hold: normal attacks, charged attacks, and plunging attack DMG increased by 15% for 15 seconds.

As usual, the Constellations are overpowered, but that’s normal considering only a few whales spending hundreds of dollars will pull Shenhe multiple times to unlock them.

The last thing we learned regarding Shenhe’s kit is that she also has a passive that:

When are Shenhe and Yun Jin releasing?

Genshin impact Version 2.4 should launch on January 5, 2022. According to leakers, Shenhe will be the first banner of the update.

Overall, Yun Jin seems to be similar to Zhongli. Same Weapon, same Element, and creates a Shield with E Hold. While Shenhe will be a really good Cryo DMG DPS.

Again, keep in mind this is all subject to change. Shenhe and Yun Jin’s kits will be strengthened or weakened as the Beta goes on. It’s unfair to call these changes “leaks” or “buffs” seeing the characters are still being tested. We’ll only fully know their worth at their official release.

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