Halo Infinite Aim Assist Issues Has Got Fans Divided

Halo Infinite fans were treated with a surprise on the franchise’s 20th anniversary.

While Halo Infinite is still a few weeks away from launch, the developers released the multiplayer beta yesterday, in order to celebrate the milestone for the franchise. This beta will last until the game releases, and all the player progress will carry over to the final build.

Halo Infinite Aim Assist Issues Has Got Fans Divided

With the release of the multiplayer beta, a number of fans jumped right into the game. While it managed to be widely acclaimed by fans and critics alike, one aspect of the game has sparked a debate in the community.

If you play multiplayer games, shooters to be precise, you might be well aware of the fact that whenever there is crossplay, there is aim assist added for controller players. The reason for that is quite simple, it’s way easier to aim using keyboard and mouse, and the average controller player will have a massive disadvantage when pitted against a keyboard and mouse player.

When it comes to Halo Infinite, fans are quite disappointed with the aim assist present for console players. To make things worse, if you intend to use a controller on a PC, you don’t get any sort of aim assist at all, which is quite a bummer.

This has got the fanbase divided, with many believing that the higher TTK compensates for the feeble aim assist to some extent. That being said, console players are still quite unhappy with how things are looking for them at the moment.

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