Here's What Disrupted Pokimane's Retirement Plans in 2022

Pokimane fans would be quite disappointed to hear that the popular streamer was planning for her retirement in 2022.

The past couple of years have been quite amazing for the streaming community, to say the least. We have witnessed several new streamers gaining popularity, while the veterans have multiplied their audience by several folds. This has also led to the growth of the gaming industry as well, with more and more people showing their interest to be a part of the scene.

One of the most popular streamers on Twitch has been Pokimane, and she made some interesting revelations lately.

Here’s What Disrupted Pokimane’s Retirement Plans in 2022

In one of her recent streams, Pokimane details how she was done with streaming and just wanted to abandon all of it. She states that she wanted to just have fun and play games with her fans. While she clarifies that it was not that serious, she reiterates that it was what she was feeling during that phase.

However, what stopped her from going that route is the influx of new female streamers in the community. She adds, “I was debating whether I wanted to say this but if it wasn’t for that influx of diversity through female fans, streamers, people of color, and other minorities, inside the last year or two of the pandemic, I would have retired from streaming.”

Further reiterating that she would have definitely retired if not for the aforementioned reason. Pokimane goes on to appreciate the community of streamers and viewers. She states, “What I mean to say is I really, really, appreciate all the female streamers and viewers here now. You guys made me wanna stick around, truly.”

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