Here's When Arcane Season 2 Could Release On Netflix


Riot Games officially confirmed that Season 2 of Arcane is in production; however, when could the second season of the League of Legends series come out on Netflix? Well, here’s everything we know about it.

Arcane, set in the universe of the League of Legends MOBA title, is one of the greatest animated shows of 2021. The show focuses on the origin story of some of the LoL Champions, including Vi, Caitlyn, Jinx, Jayce, Viktor, Ekko, and many more.

Riot Games worked with the French animation studio Fortiche to give us the first season of Arcane. As expected, everything about the first season was spectacular, and now, the entire community is looking forward to the release of Season 2.

Arcane Season 2 Expected Release Date

Interestingly, Riot Games and Fortiche took almost six years to bring Season 1 of Arcane to our screens. And honestly, after watching the show, we can understand why it took so long for the creators to complete nine episodes. However, now that millions of people are addicted to Arcane, most fans wonder if we’ll have to wait another five or six years to get Arcane Season 2. Well, according to Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent, we won’t have to wait that long to get another season of this masterpiece show.

After the official Season 2 announcement, Nicolo confirmed on Twitter that it would not take six years to complete the following season. However, the bad news is that we won’t get Arcane Season 2 in 2022 either. So, it’s best not to look forward to more Arcane episodes next year.

Now, that brings us to our question, when should we expect Arcane Season 2 to release if not in 2022? Well, in 2019, Riot Games confirmed that they are committed to Arcane for multiple seasons. So, you could say that Riot was already working on Season 2 ahead of the first season’s release on Netflix. If that’s the case, it’s safe to assume that the production of the next season is already ahead of the scripting stage. So, if everything turns out smoothly without any interruptions, we can expect Arcane Season 2 to release in late 2023.

Anyway, Riot will hopefully give us an official release window next year, so we’ll update you as soon as more information on Season 2 pops up. Until then, you can binge-watch all episodes of Arcane Season 1 on Netflix one more time to truly experience the beauty of this show.

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