Hololive Fantasy 3rd Gen Concert Time & How to Watch

Hololive is holding the Hololive Fantasy concert this November 25, 2021, here’s how you can buy tickets and watch it, and at what time the concert starts.

Hololive Fantasy will feature five VTuber talents from Hololive 3rd gen: Usada Pekora, Uruha Rushia, Shiranui Flare, Shirogane Noel, and Houshou Marine. So it’s an event focusing on the Japanese side of Hololive, but it’s a concert. Even if you can’t speak Japanese, it’s not like you’ll need much help from translator bros.

Hololive Fantasy 3rd Gen concert time

The Hololive Fantasy 3rd Gen concert is starting at 3:30 AM EST / 00:30 AM PST – Click here for a count down and conversion to additional time zones.

You can buy tickets for the Hololive Fantasy Concert on SPWN. Once you’ve bought your ticket, you’ll be able to watch the concert anytime until December 25, 2021.

Note that the first part of the concert will be streamed for free on YouTube. If you’re tight on money, you’ll still be able to join in on the fun for a short while. The tickets themselves will stay on sale till December 25 too.

Restream from Takanashi Kiara, Shirogane Noelle debrief

As an interesting side note, Takanashi Kiara will also hold a restream. She won’t restream the concert itself needless to say, but only stream herself watching it. So you can watch along.

Both Japanese and international fans will be sharing their thoughts via the #ホロライブ3期生1stライブ hashtag so be sure to join in on the fun too. Shirogane Noelle, celebrating her birthday, will also hold a concert debrief stream of sorts. It looks like the stream won’t be archived, so you can only watch it live. It’ll happen a few hours after the concert.

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