How Old Is Kate Bishop In Hawkeye TV Show?


The first two episodes of the much-awaited TV show Hawkeye has finally arrived on Disney+. The show not only depicts a part of Hawkeye’s past in the MCU but also introduces a new character called Kate Bishop.

For the holiday season, Marvel Studios has teamed up with Disney+ to bring forth a brand new TV series Hawkeye. The show is set in the post-blip New York City which is roughly two years after Avengers: Endgame where people are still dealing with the aftermath of half the population snapped away by Thanos.

This time Clint Barton has a simple mission and that is to get back to his family for Christmas but will it really be that simple? He meets the young archer Kate Bishop and things take an interesting turn as the two are forced to work together. Meanwhile, Barton’s past keeps on threatening his plans to reunite with his family.

Since the character of Kate Bishop is new in MCU, fans are curious to know more about her and bombarding the internet with questions like how old is Kate Bishop. So in this article, we shall discuss this character and her age.

Kate Bishop Age In Hawkeye TV Series

Kate Bishop is a 22-year-old archer who dreams of becoming a Super Hero in the Marvel universe. She is an excellent archer herself but she works together with Hawkeye to become his heroic pupil in the course of the six-episode series that is out now on Disney Plus.

The role of Kate Bishop is played by Hailee Steinfeld who describes the character as a determined, strong-willed, and opinionated young woman.

In addition to Kate, Hawkeye also introduces other new MCU characters such as Maya Lopez aka Echo.

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