Is Avalugg Good in Pokemon GO & What's Its Best Moveset?

The second part of Pokemon GO’s yearly holiday extravaganza is here, bringing with it a pair of debuting Pokemon.

The icy duo of Bergmite and Avalugg are appearing in the game for the first time since it released in 2016.

First appearing in Pokemon X & Y, players are wondering if they, specifically Avalugg, are any good and, if so, what the best moveset is. Let’s take a look.

Is Avalugg Good in Pokemon GO?

It’s safe to say that, once players have started to earn enough candies, that you’ll be seeing Avalugg a lot in the GO Battle League.

Its worst performance in the mode’s three divisions comes in the Great League, where PVPoke states that Avalugg is the 185th best choice. That being said, it still beats some of the League’s toughest Pokemon, including Altaria, Trevenant, Swampert, Nidoqueen and Skarmory.

Things start to improve in the Ultra League, however, with the Iceberg Pokemon coming in at 94th place. Here, it picks up big wins against some difficult foes, including Giratina, Swampert and Umbreon.

Avalugg is at its most effective in the Master League though. As you can imagine, its high stats and Ice typing help it become something of a Dragon-killer, ranking 17th place overall. It falls just behind Mamoswine as the top Ice-type pick in the whole league, provided it’s powered up with XL Candies.

What is The Best Avalugg Moveset in Pokemon GO?

If you are looking to use Avalugg in Pokemon GO’s GO Battle League, this is the moveset that we recommend:

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