James Gunn Gives Guardians of the Galaxy Game the Thumbs Up

Square Enix opened its E3 showcase with a behemoth feature showing off the unmistakably awesome gameplay footage of Guardians of the Galaxy, and director James Gunn has given the game his approval. 

The Suicide Squad director helmed the first two Marvel films in 2014 and 2017, and is also on board to direct Guardians 3, due to release in 2023. 

The extended gameplay trailer was jam-packed with banter, compelling combat sequences, and a foot-tapping soundtrack, which got Gunn just as excited as we were. 

James Gunn’s Tweet of Approval 

The director tweeted shortly after the game’s debut during Square Enix Presents, stating “Haha. Very cool.” 

Gunn followed up his initial seal of approval by expressing his intent to figure out what the “llama thing” was – referring to the blue creature in the trailer.

The director’s enthusiasm towards the upcoming title was more confirmation that the tone and mechanics of the game have managed to hone the Guardians’ spirit. 

Guardians of the Galaxy Gameplay Highlights

After the Xbox and Bethesda conference – which also delivered some showstoppers respectively – it was somewhat refreshing to see a game that wasn’t an FPS. 

Guardians will be a third-person, story-driven adventure set in an open world, with dialogue choice mechanics accompanied by killer tunes and plenty of good humor. 

When Will Guardians of the Galaxy Release? 

Not only did Square Enix manage to keep this gigantic project under wraps until two weeks ago, but it also gave us an in-depth look at the game a fortnight later and then hit out with a 2021 release date. 

All of these green flags are somewhat unheard of in the current formula for new releases, but Marvel fans have no problem with shooting first and asking questions later.

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