Monster Hunter Rise Multiplayer Difficulty Scaling

PC players around the world have now had roughly 12 hours with Capcom’s latest Monster Hunter title, Monster Hunter Rise.

The game is likely to be one of January’s biggest title, thanks to a range of stellar reviews and hype all around the internet.

The Monster Hunter series has been going on for a while now and has garnered many adoring fans, however, Rise is likely to be many people’s first entry into the franchise – meaning people have lots of different questions.

One of these regards multiplayer difficulty scaling. Here’s how Monster Hunter Rise Multiplayer Scaling works.

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What is Multiplayer Difficulty Scaling?

Monster Hunter Rise is both a single and multiplayer game. Players can choose to go on expeditions by themselves or with friends.

However, theoretically, that would make things too easy – tackling the same monster with four players, versus attempting it solo.

The multiplayer difficulty scaling is in place to prevent this.

Monster Hunter Rise PC Multiplayer Difficulty Scaling – How Does it Work?

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Essentially, the more players that are taking on a monster, the more difficult that monster becomes to defeat.

This means, if you are tackling a monster on your own, its stats will be far lower than they would be if you were in a party of three or four.

This is the same for both the PC and Nintendo Switch versions of the game.

Monster Hunter Rise’s multiplayer difficulty scaling is very fluid. This means, you can start a mission on your own and should a player/players join you, the monster will automatically scale up (or down should somebody leave).

Just be aware, if you’re in a fierce battle with a monster and somebody joins, it’s probably best to retreat for a bit, at least until the backup arrives.

In terms of the loot, this will remain the same. All players will be able to gather the same materials from the defeated monster.

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