New HBO’s The Last of Us Image Could Be the Mall From Left Behind

Could HBO’s The Last of Us also be delving into scenes from the prequel ‘Left Behind’?

News on HBO’s The Last of Us has been fairly quiet of late. This is mostly down to production taking a break from filming over the holiday period although with the post-apocalyptic show looking to release (hopefully) this year, we can start to expect more incoming scoops.

With fans ready and waiting for more scenes from the series as well as a trailer, a new clip has popped up on social media that has The Last of Us aficionados very excited.

Over on Twitter, a fan-run source for news and updates on HBO’s The Last of Us has posted a short clip from a crew member who happens to be standing in front of a mall store with damaged shutters that looks eerily similar to the mall from The Last of Us‘ prequel, Left Behind.

As you can see, this particular crew member is also wearing a jacket that states “The Last of Us Season 1” which certainly gives us the impression we are in for the long haul with this show.

Although the speculation is that we could now see some possible throw-back scenes from The Last of Us: Left Behind with Ellie and Riley, it’s also possible that this scene could be the “Winter” chapter of The Last of Us that focuses on Ellie’s attempts to scour an abandoned mall in Colorado for medical supplies to heal Joel, who was injured in an ambush.

Either way, it’s really cool to see an insight into the series which makes us all the more eager for more content and hopefully an impressive trailer asap, too!

Although we don’t have a firm release date for HBO’s The Last of Us, we do know that it should showcase this year. In the meantime, I’m sure fans will be treated to plenty more of these behind the scenes images and videos.

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