Official PlayStation 5 Faceplates Could Finally Be On The Way


The official patent for Sony’s PS5 faceplate design has been published, which means we could soon be able to purchase the official product, as opposed to purchasing them from a third party or spray painting them ourselves.

Ever since the PlayStation 5 launched back in November of 2020, the unique design and removable faceplates had fans fascinated with the customization options that were available. Surely, this could be a huge opportunity for Sony? Not only could we swap out the faceplates for whichever colour we want, but Sony could also release special edition versions for their first-party titles, like The Last of Us, Returnal, and plenty more.

The possibilities were truly endless, but instead, Sony got wrapped up with suing third parties that were creating and selling their own PS5 faceplates.

Sony’s Battle With Third Party Faceplate Companies

There have been numerous third-party sellers that have attempted to sell custom PlayStation 5 faceplates, many of which were promptly shut down by Sony.

Due to the pending status of the faceplates, companies such as ‘CustomizeMyPlates‘ began selling their own versions of the faceplates in colours that weren’t available as standard. However, even though the patent was still pending by Sony, CustomizeMyPlates were forced to stop selling the plates by Sony as they threatened to sue due to the design being part of their “intellectual property”.

Other brands have decided to fight back against Sony, such as DBrand, who completely redesigned the faceplate to avoid legal action. Even taking a shot at Sony by tweeting “Checkmate, Lawyers”.

The custom design, which can be seen in the tweet below, shaves off the point of the plates and makes for a more smooth and narrow design.

Sony Officially Patents PS5 Faceplates

But if you’re not one for purchasing from third parties, the wait may soon be over. The patent for Sony’s PS5 faceplates has now been published, which means we could soon be getting officially licenced plates to purchase.

Unfortunately, this isn’t solid confirmation that Sony will be selling their own faceplates. But, based on the fact that Midnight Black and Cosmic Red versions of the DualSense Controller recently went up for sale, Sony is clearly interested in releasing special editions of their products.

This also wouldn’t be the first time that Sony has released their consoles in a different colour, but this time the process should be easier, and hopefully cheaper.

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