Player Beats Pokemon Shining Pearl Using Only a Single Bidoof

As time has gone on, and we’ve all got older, Pokemon titles have seemingly gotten easier to master.

This has, in turn, forced players to get creative, generating their own artificial rules and amping up the difficulty levels.

The most common of these is known as the Nuzlocke Challenge, a strict set of guidelines that players must adhere to throughout their playthrough. These rules generally include permadeath, which if a Pokemon faints, it’s considered dead and only being able to catch the first Pokemon in each area.

One player, Daniel Johnson, took this challenge even further, beating the whole of Shining Pearl using only a single Bidoof and, to make things even harder, banned himself from using any healing items during battles.

Daniel shared his progress in the UKDH Discord and, in his 70+ hour run, got his friendly Bidoof, affectionately named Masochist, all the way to level 100, dying a mere 335 times in the process.

The amount of deaths is unsurprising given the fact that Daniel restricted himself to no items during battle and only held items throughout the run, giving Bidoof a Leftovers at the earliest opportunity.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest difficulty of the run came against the Elite 4 and Cynthia. He first encountered the Champion on December 7 before besting her on December 13. This is where almost 40% of Bidoof’s deaths came, with a further 20% coming during the rival just before the Elite 4.

After much trial and error, it was the moveset of Curse, Amnesia, Ice Beam and Dig that helped Daniel come out triumphant. Cynthia’s Garchomp, easily her biggest threat, was frozen after the first Ice Beam and the rest, as they say, was history. Shining Pearl beaten with a single Bidoof.

How have you challenged yourself in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl? Let us know in the comments below.

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