Pokemon TCG Fusion Strike - All Secret Rares With Prices

The Pokemon TCG is gearing up to debut the release of its final expansion for 2021, Fusion Strike, and up ahead, we take a look at every Secret Rare card in the set and talk about the current market price of each.

The upcoming set will include over 260 cards featuring 20 V cards and eight VMAX cards. Additionally, there will be over 20 new Fusion Strike cards as well as the return of the Single Strike and Rapid Strike cards. Lastly, the set will also include 20 Trainer cards and two, Special Energy cards.

When is Fusion Strike coming out?

Fusion Strike is scheduled to have its full release on Friday, November 12, 2021.

During the pre-release, Build & Battle Boxes will be available to purchase. On the expansion’s full release day, Fusion Strike will have the usual Elite Trainer Boxes and Booster Boxes up for grabs, as well as a 3-pack Espeon Blister and a 3-pack Eevee Blister.

With the release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl releasing on November 19, it is believed that Fusion Strike will be the last expansion to release for Sword & Shield.

Fusion Strike Secret Rares

**All prices have been taken from TCG Player**

Chili & Cilan & Cress #273

Kicking off this list with a handful of Rainbow rares featuring Trainers, including this trio. This card is currently worth $0.99.

Schoolboy #276

The second Rainbow Trainer features the cool schoolboy and the market price for this kid is currently at $8.63.

Dancer #274

Rainbow Dancer flaunts her backwards hat and her current market price is approximately $9.99.

Schoolgirl #277

The fourth Rainbow Trainer card is Schoolgirl, sitting with an estimated worth of $11.99.

Boltund VMAX #267

Moving on to the first pokemon Rainbow Secret Rare featuring Boltund, and the good boy is currently worth around $16.31.

Training Court #282

This nostalgic card from the Sword & Shield Switch game is one of the Gold cards of the set and is currently worth $22.39.

Chandelure VMAX #265

The haunted chandelier is another Rainbow Secret Rare, currently worth $24.99 on the market.

Shauna #278

The fifth and final Rainbow Trainer card is Shauna, and this card is sitting around $27.49.

Grass Energy #283

The first Special Energy card is currently worth $29.99.

Fire Energy #284

The Fire Special Energy card is currently worth the same price at $29.99.

Flaafy #280

The lovable Flaafy gets a Gold Secret Rare in this set and is currently worth around $33.95.

Power Tablet #281

These energy tablets get their own Gold card too and the Secret Rare is sitting at around $34.90.

Inteleon VMAX (Alternate) #266

The first Alternate Art Secret Rare is Inteleon, and its price tag is sky high at $89.47.

Mew VMAX (Alternate) #269

The star of the set, Mew, has another Alternate Art card currently worth a whopping $157.99.

Espeon VMAX (Alternate) #270

This Espeon Alternate Art is stunning to take in and is currently worth $181.66 on the market.

Gengar VMAX (Alternate) #271

The final Secret Rare of the set is the Gengar Alternate Art currently worth around $182.50 and stands as the most expensive card in the set.

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