Pokimane's Cat Mimi Operates Camera Perfectly Delighting Fans

Pokimane fans couldn’t help but adore her cat in one of her recent live streams.

Pokimane is one of the most-watched streamers in the streaming industry, and her popularity has just grown several folds over the years. Many times, she does different kinds of streams, such as IRL streams consisting of her doing a variety of things.

Pokimane’s Cat Mimi Operates Camera Perfectly Delighting Fans

Recently, Pokimane was doing a live stream where she was cooking. During the live stream, the camera angle was a bit weird, and that is something fans had voiced their concerns about. However, Pokimane being busy with her cooking wasn’t able to fix it.

All of a sudden, Pokimane’s cat Mimi, stumbled on the camera and then the camera fell right back into place after getting dislocated. Pokimane responded surprisingly stating “Mimi pushed it over and then fixed it”, and then lauds Mimi for what she did.

Fans couldn’t help but adore the entire incident with some fans even saying Mimi is a pro streamer. This was quite a delightful moment during the stream, and many couldn’t get enough of Mimi’s cuteness. Pokimane had adopted Mimi back in 2018, and since then, it has become a fan-favorite. Pokimane is super protective about Mimi and had cursed fans who called it fat seven years of bad luck, in a humorous fashion. With fans always looking to get a glimpse of Mimi, this was indeed an adorable incident in the stream.

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