Taxi2g Banned In Apex Legends For Using Super Glide Exploit

Svend-Erik ‘Taxi2g’ Høegh, one of the most popular Apex Legends has been banned in the game in quite a surprising turn of events.

Apex Legends has been around for a while now, and it still remains one of the most played games out there. We have witnessed a number of updates releasing for the game in the past few months, and quite recently, the Apex Legends Dark Depths event kicked off in the game. The event added new maps, cosmetics, and a lot more.

With the release of the event, a number of content creators out there are actively streaming the game and trying out a variety of new things in the game. Amidst that, one of the fan-favorite streamers has been banned from the game.

Taxi2g Banned In Apex Legends For Using Super Glide Exploit

While streaming yesterday, Taxi2g was banned from the game for using an exploit. It should be noted that it hasn’t been specified that using the exploit is the reason the player has been. The in-game notice just showed “The client’s game account has been banned: Banned.” However, considering the fact that he has been using it in the game, it is quite likely that it was the reason which led to the ban.

Soon after the ban, he made a new account to play but that was banned once again. Now considering the fact that Apex Legends hands out hardware bans, this is not quite surprising, to begin with. Taxi2g did end up emailing EA for clarification, and they responded that he has been banned for not following gameplay rules.

While all evidence hints towards the glitch being the reason behind the ban, it is quite surprising given this is the first and possibly only case of someone being banned for using the glitch. It’s been a while since the glitch has been around, and nobody has been banned yet. It remains to be seen if the ban will be reversed.

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