The Last of Us HBO Leak Shows Possible Casting of Riley From Left Behind

It seems as though The Last of Us HBO series may have cast the character, Riley, from the prequel, Left Behind.

It’s the year that every The Last of Us fan has been waiting for and it looks as though HBO is set to make their dive into the popular post-apocalyptic Naughty Dog game one to remember.

Even though we have yet to see an official trailer, there has been plenty of behind the scenes sneak peeks of goings-on that has kept our eagerness at an all-time high. Now it seems as though actress Storm Reid might just be playing the role of Riley Abel in the show.

If you’re not too sure who Riley Abel is and you haven’t played The Last of Us‘ prequel, Left Behind, Riley was a sixteen-year-old survivor who lived in Boston. During her time there, she met and befriended Ellie where the two quickly bonded and became best friends.

Riley’s untimely death in the game leads Ellie to discover her immunity to the infection which obviously plays a huge part in Ellie’s life and those around her so the news that HBO has possibly cast Storm Reid as Riley and integrated this important aspect of the story makes complete sense to the entire narrative.

As per @TheLastofUsNews, actress Storm Reid looks like they may be playing the role of Riley Able in the show. An Instagram post by Reid’s mother shows an image of an airport in Canada (the show is filmed in Calgary, Canada) with the caption “2022 day 5 and GOD is showing out already. Popular video game turned into a television series”.

If that wasn’t enough to almost confirm it, Reid arrived in Canada at about the same time that the cast and crew returned to Calgary to resume production on the show. We also see that Storm Reid and Bella Ramsey, who will play Ellie in the series, follow each other on Instagram as well as The Last of Us director, Neil Druckmann.

Obviously, until it’s officially confirmed, we will need to take this news with a pinch of salt but it sure does sound convincing, especially since just a few days ago we posted that new images from The Last of Us HBO could be the mall from Left Behind.

HBO’s The Last of Us is set to premiere at some stage this year and we are totally here for it all.

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