Twitter is Prepared to Die For Hisuian Growlithe

Today, The Pokemon Company held a Pokemon Presents Presentation in which it showed off information on Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as well as Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

The showcase was jam-packed with new details about both games, but without doubt, the most intriguing segment was focused around the “Pokemon: Breath of the Wild” title.

Players were shown new locations, mechanics, characters, story details and most importantly brand new Pokemon and Pokemon forms.

Throughout the presentation, there was one Pokemon that caught the attention of many and that was the humble Growlithe in its Hisuian Form. Naturally – Twitter fell in love.

What is Hisuian Growlithe

Over the past few generations, The Pokemon Company has released regional variations of a variety of Pokemon.

It started in the Alolan Region with Pokemon like Sandshrew, Exeggutor and Vulpix and continued through the Galar Region with Pokemon including Weezing and Mr. Mime.

Now, the Hisuian Region, in which Pokemon Legends: Arceus takes place, introduces a handful of new variants, with Growlithe being the most notable.

The cheeky little scamp looks like a regular Growlithe, however, it’s developed thick fur to help it live in the harsh Hisuian environment, as well as a little, fragile horn on its head.

It’s the thick, bushy fur that undoubtedly caused the mass adoration towards the Pokemon.

How Did Twitter React?

As you’d expect, Twitter fell head over heels for this new form of Growlithe.

Some rejected any other thoughts at this current time, only thoughts of Hisuian Growlithe.

Others referred to him as the GOOD BOY that he is.

Some were simply dazzled by the Pokemon’s bangs.

Some went to more extreme measures in which they declared they would cry…

… or even die for the fluffy, smiley boye!

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